Age: 25 

Occupation: Creator of AFO Universe, Home of @the.bunny.tail (the best store ever) <3

Hometown: TORONTO !!! Some call it the 6six

Bio: Growing up I was always creating and was told I was in a world of my own, so I did just that, I created my own universe! Hence the name AFO Universe.

@the.bunny.tail is a world within the universe where I create "All things Beautiful" and it honestly brings me so much joy to share all that I create and love through this world with you! I hope to share more worlds and planets that reside in the AFO UNIVERSE, but for now, I hope that you continue to enjoy @the.bunny.tail 

This was supposed to be short and sweet, but I just really want every single person that takes the time to log on to this site, like a pic on social media and even purchase some goodies legit means the world to me and I am forever grateful!

@the.bunny.tail has allowed me to wake up and actually be excited about the day and thinking of all the possibilities of what I can share and create gives me so much life. After graduating like many I was unsure of what the future had in store for me, but with AFO Universe & @the.bunny.tail I am ready to take over this planet!